More About Me

Poulsbo Real Estate Broker Tim Thompson

If you need a Kitsap County real estate agent for buying or listing a property call me at (360) 509-9634 to discuss your needs. Windermere Real Estate is the best real estate company on the West Coast (source: Glass Door agency reviews) and I’ve been a broker and agent in the Poulsbo office for twelve years.

I’ve lived here since 1972 and there are few agents that have forty plus years of knowledge of the Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Indianola and Suquamish areas. I’ve lived at one time or another in all of these communities!

I pride myself in working hard to get results for my real estate clients. My business is successful because I:

·   Keep myself and my clients updated on new Kitsap County real estate listings and trends

·   Stay available – my clients don’t have to worry about whether I will answer my emails or phone calls

·   Comb the Kitsap County real estate data to make sure my client’s pricing requirements are met

·   Bring construction experience to the table – that’s very helpful when a client has limited knowledge about home construction

·   Know the area very well and have relationships with builders, agents, land developers, contractors and other professionals that span decades

I work hard for my clients to help to help simplify the often complex process of buying or listing a property. Your goals and the major financial decisions you’ll make are my primary concern!

Give yourself a good head start and DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT in your property transaction!

You probably already have a good idea what you think will meet your needs. But I suggest you ask yourself,  “If everything were perfect, what would that look like?” If you develop a clear description of what you want you’ll be able to communicate those ideas to me. Go into as much detail as you want:

·   Waterfront or rural property?

·   Accessory dwelling for in-laws or rental?

·   Fireplace or wood stove?

·   Gas or electric cook top?

Most people know these type of broad requirements. They’re often included in the Multiple Listings. But how about the details? The color schemes? The plumbing fixtures? Counter tops? Landscaping? What are your “deal killers”? What can a gallon of paint fix?

I want you to have the perfect home for your goals so you need to know what that is!

“From the minute we met Tim we felt we were in good hands. We outlined what we were looking for and received daily updates... Every step of the process was outlined and smoothed out by Tim.”

Client who purchased home in Seattle

To make GOOD DECISIONS about real estate you HAVE to know the area!

When you buy or sell a home, where it is located and how it will work within your family’s requirements is absolutely vital. Is the house near a school or bus route? How’s the commute to work? Is the property located in a quiet area? These and dozens of other questions need to be considered while making a decision about identifying a property to purchase or describing a property for a potential buyer. If you’re buying a home, ideally you’ll meet a seller whose answers to those questions matches yours or visa versa.

“His knowledge of the area, the analytics of the market, and home construction made us feel confident that he would find the perfect place for us, and he did.”

Kitsap Penninsula home buyer

To achieve your real estate goals in ANY REAL ESTATE MARKET you have to be TENACIOUS!

Whether you’re expanding your investment property portfolio, downsizing from a larger home or have any other real estate goal your agent has to scour the market and have a clear understanding of price and inventory trends. But it’s the daily march to achieve your goals that makes all the difference! That’s what I do for my clients. Bring your dreams and ideas to me and I’ll out-work the competition to find the perfect solution to your real estate goals!

(Tim’s) knowledge of the area, expertise in the craft, and going well beyond the extra mile in getting things done helped us through every moment of the sale. Recently we decided to go back home to LA and Tim took care of everything with his usual flair, starting with bringing buyers he knew would love our property like we do, and it resulted in a very fast sale.

Buyer and seller from California